Hello, I'm Kevin 👋

I'm a Software Engineer in Philadelphia, currently working in ML for customer experience

I love to learn and have a variety of interests: - AI ML RL DL - Distributed Systems - Computer Vision & Graphics - Computational Photography & Music - Physical & Creative Computing - Video Game Design - Sustainable Engineering - Free and Open Source Software
I'm currently working on a highly scalable, real-time AI & ML platform at Comcast Labs, Applied AI Research
I'm pursuing a master's degree in Computer Science (specializing in computer systems while experimenting with perception & robotics) at Georgia Tech
I've previously worked at AT&T Labs Research, PubNub, and Google
I'm an alum of TCNJ where I studied both Computer Science and Interactive Multimedia
I believe in Free and Open Source Software, and have contributed to a few projects, e.g. Flink

I am open to new opportunities, let's get in touch


Updated Oct 2020